Chinese Savoury Sticky Rice

Chinese Savoury Sticky Rice

Rich, flavour-packed, aromatic Chinese rice dish using glutinous rice mixed with mouthwatering ingredients!



Prep all of the ingredients. Finely slice onions & lap cheong, mince garlic, soak & slice shiitake mushrooms and soak then drain glutinous rice.


Lightly stir fry thinly sliced shallots with oil on medium-low heat. Keep stir-frying until shallots have turned deep golden, lightly crispy and fragrant.


In the same pan, stir fry Chinese sausages, shiitake mushrooms with garlic. Then, add pork, dried shrimp skin and half of fried golden shallots. Season.


Add in drained, soaked glutinous rice, stir fry for 2 minutes then pour in reserved shiitake mushrooms soaking water and remaining shallots. Transfer to bamboo steamer.


Steam on high heat with the lid on for 45 minutes undisturbed. Serve hot.

Give this tried and tested delicious Chinese savoury rice a go! Truly mouthwatering and flavourful!

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