Pork Yaki Udon

Authentic, tasty and easy! Takes just under 25minutes - fantastic on lunch or weeknight dinner!



Prepare udon according to packet instructions. For best results, use frozen udon available at Asian supermarkets!


Now stir fry shiitake mushrooms with onions, white parts of green onions, garlic and carrots.


Add cabbage, cook until vegetables softened. Add in thin pork belly slices and brown on high heat.


Add in seasoning - a combination of soy sauce, dark soy sauce, mirin (Japanese cooking wine) and pepper.


Add udon and toss through with 2 spatulas (or chopsticks) on high heat. Taste and adjust for seasoning if necessary.

Sprinkle with some umami rich bonito flakes and watch it dance! Serve with pickled ginger

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