Creamy Garlic Prawn Pasta

20min recipe!

Silky, creamy and so much flavour!  Impress yourself by making this super easy, creamy yet light garlic prawn pasta.  Done in just 20 minutes!


For best results, grate your own parmesan cheese as freshly grated not only taste better but melts better into the pasta!


Cook pasta according to packet instructions. Meanwhile, marinate the prawns with garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper for ~5min.


Cook marinated prawns with extra garlic and olive oil in a non-stick pan. About 1 minute per side.


Add cherry tomatoes, mix then remove and set aside prawns after a minute. Add stock and reduce by 1/2. Then add cream.


Mix in cooked pasta and reserved prawns on low heat. Season with salt and pepper. Add a little pasta cooking water if needed.


To serve, sprinkle parsley and lots of parmesan cheese! Mix thoroughly.

Healthy, delicious and easy!

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